PCC Manufacturers in India

Manufacturer of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers:

Aranthaangi Chemical Products Limited manufacturer of precipitated calcium carbonate in tamilnadu with the High grade imported Lime stone. 100% Infrastructure in house starting from the raw material processing up-to end product.

For high quality of precipitated calcium carbonate high grade quality limestone are imported from countries like Oman, Philippines & Dubai, whereas fuel materials like charcoal & husk are procured in Tamil Nadu.

There are two PCC manufacturing units at Aranthaangi Chemical Products Limited. the first unit is fitted with two kilns measuring 30 and 48 feets provided with vibrating screens, carbonators, carbonate slurry receiving tanks, flip drier slurry feed tanks , slacker tanks , lime preparation tanks , flip driers and settling tanks . Manufacturer of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate ACPL has a second plant inaugurated on June 7 2006 by former central minister Sri S.Ragupathy. The manufacturing unit extends to an area of 10500 sq ft. this unit has a kiln measuring 62 ft along with machineries like vibrating screen, carbonators, carbonate slurry receiving tanks, slacker tanks, lime preparation tanks, fill driers, settling tanks.

Power backup- for uninterrupted production with turbine, windmill, generator & Grid

Lab -to ensure the quality of the products produced at Aranthaangi Chemical Products Limited the factory has installed a quality testing laboratory with modern equipments. The product is tested from all stage right from raw materials to final product.

Transportation - Aranthaangi Chemical Products Limited owns various vehicles for internal and external transportations. Vehicles like bull, JCB, tipper, tractor are used for internal transportation of the raw materials.

Workshop- A work shop spreading to an area of 2500 sq ft is also available inside the factory premises for maintaining the machineries.

Office premises-The administrative and marketing teams of acpl have separate office buildings with well trained staff to cater the needs of the customers

Staff quarters - Acpl has a staff quarters spread across an area of 21000 sq ft within the company premises to accommodate the workers of the company.

Weigh bridge - An Weigh bridge of capacity 60 mt fitted in the near premises of acpl is used to weigh heavy vehicle.

Manufacturer of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate ACPL takes pride in being one and only full manufacturer of PCC in south India. ACPL has achieved great heights and has a long ways to go. With the support of customers, and dedicated staffs Aranthaangi Chemical Products Limited is marching ahead with rapid success to set new records in history.