Our products are our identity. The growing demand of precipitated calcium carbonate and High grade Lime is on the rise as they are used in the wide range of industries. We serve our customers with the best of our abilities. Providing products with quality is our biggest virtue. The quality is achieved through continuous assurance of parameters as well as monitoring control over various aspects of manufacturing the products. This makes us stand tall among our competitors.

The precipitated and High Grade Lime is manufactured with totally imported lime stones having unique features. To achieve desired specification our specialist team is personally involved in procuring the material from other countries. The PCC is produced with purity of 99% and has wide range of applications. We take pride in being the only Precipitated Calcium Carbonate manufacturers in South India. In India there are millions of consumers using commodities such as papers, soaps, detergent, powder, shoe polishes etc. And we are here to cater to these needs of millions of Indians through our esteemed client base.


We serve to the best of our capability to our customer. We understand the requirements from the customer and then serve them with the products we have. Optimum pricing, quality products along with premium service is our motto.

The industries which we cater to are

  • aranthangi chemicals  Paper
  • India  Paint
  • Aranthangi chemical industry   Detergent
  • Manufacturer of chemical products   Rubber
  • PCC Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu   Pharmaceutical
  • aranthangi chemicals     Ink
  •  South India manufacturer    Cosmetics
  • Manufacturers in India  Tooth paste & Powder
  • Manufacturers of Carbonate India  Food Products
  • aranthangi chemicals Tamilnadu   Shoe Polish Manufacturing
  • PPTD Calcium Carbonate in India   Wall putty
  • PPTD Carbonate   V-belts
  • PPTD Calcium Carbonate   PVC pipe
  • Chemical Manufacturers in Southindia
  Water proof chemicals
  •  PCC Manufacturer in Southindia
   Facial powder