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Calcium Carbonate

Founder Mr.V.K.Veerappan

The year 1985 is indeed a glorious time in the annals of the history of Tamilnadu. Thanks to the persistent efforts, and clear vision of Mr.V.K.Veerappan, our company ARANTHANGI CHEMICALS PVT.LTD., ( ACPL) was established in 1985 with the main objective of providing employment to the local and nearby residents of the town ‘Aranthangi’ and to make a significant contribution for industrial development in the backward area of Pudukkottai district In Tamilandu.

Mr.V.K.Veerappan had an ambitious plan to manufacture a product which was something new and different. In this connection, he consulted the tycoons in the industry to ascertain the scope for the product, sought their advice and finally decided to put up an unit to manufacture “PRECIPITATED CALCIUM CARBONATE” (PCC) which was not hitherto tried by any one in South India.

His maiden attempt to manufacture a new product has yielded him the desired results and the company has been steadily growing for the past three decades with the proud heritage of being the one and the only manufacturer of precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in South India. With the cooperation of well trained staff, infrastructure, adoption of modern technology and marketing strategy, the company is marching ahead to manufacture a quantity of 30000 MT of PCC per annum. Our dedication and hard work has helped us to produce PCC with superior quality which is accepted by all customers in India and abroad.

Since the demand for PCC was ever on the increase, we had to strengthen our capital base, increase our production and widen the marketing net work. Hence,our company was converted into a public limited company with the name “ARANTHAANGI CHEMICAL PRODUCTS LTD., thereby enabling the general public to invest in our company. The unique quality and timely supply of our product has helped us to emerge a leading producer and supplier of PCC and occupy a conspicuous position in the chemical industry.

When our organization was marching ahead with rapid success,’The Apple Cart’ was upset. Yes. Our beloved Managing Director Mr.V.K.Veerappan had passed away in August 2018 leaving us in great distress.

However, his son Mr.V.Kailasam , a post graduate in business management was unanimously elected as the successor and he has taken over charge as M.D. of the company. With his rich experience as an Executive Director under the guidance of his father for about two decades, the company aims at achieving the production of 30000 M.T. per annum with extensive marketing in India and abroad. Right from the purchase of the basic raw material viz. Limestone to the final product “PCC”, he takes utmost care at all stages and the final product is supplied to the customers with superior quality.

Despite our various achievements, the goal is yet to be achieved. We have novel conceptions to enhance the quality of the product and to become a brand leader and marketing leader soon. With the blessings our revered founder Mr.V.K.Veerappan, we are committed to put in our best efforts with dedication and hard work to fulfill his dream.

With sanguine expectations, we remain at the service of our valued customers